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Thousands of restaurant owners – from small pizzerias to full service restaurant chains – use the Owner platform to drive direct online sales, take back control, save money on fees, and manage their online presences all-in-one.

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Trusted by thousands of restaurant owners

"Since we started using Owner.com a couple months ago we've seen an increase in sales of about $40,000 on the platform and saved over $8,000 in fees."

Mo and Omar

Owner of
Talkin' Tacos
In the last year I've done more than $800,000 in revenue and saved more than $150,000 in fees.

Rahul Bhatia

Owner of
"Since we started with Owner.com we've made more than $50,000 in sales and saved ourselves $10,000 in commissions."

Yuliana Vasquez

Owner of
Samos Oaxaca
In the past year we've generated $120,000 in sales and saved about $25,000 in third party fees.

Cindy Lin

Owner of
Owner.com's marketing strategy is very helpful at attracting customers and retaining customers to reorder online.

John Nguyen

Owner of
Jennie Pho
In the last 6 months we've done about $200,000 in sales just from Owner.com only for instore pick up orders.

Adachi Hiroyuki

I've made more in one month on Owner.com than I made on the old website in an entire year!

Antonio Henry

Their customer service is, bar none, one of the best and they’ve really helped with our success. In less than 5 weeks we have over $25,000 in sales and it’s the middle of winter not even our busy season. I’m excited for the future and highly recommend it!

Jasson Parra

Owner of
Lemon Tree
If you want an ordering system that also markets your company, look no further than Owner.com, they've gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us market our restaurant!

Jim Angelopoulos

Owner of
I really recommend Owner.com. They helped me and now I don’t have to share my profits with the big companies.

David Song

Owner of
Sushi 661
"Owner has been the best platform we've ever used. We've increased direct online sales by over $20,000 per month, and save over $2,000 per month on third-party fees."

Antoinette Belvedere

"We have more than doubled revenue with Owner.com, and we don't have to have someone stuck to the phone all the time anymore"

Tom Hayes

"I love the platform. It has everything already built into it."

Theresa Delin

Take back control of your business from third parties

The ones charging you crazy fees, snatching your data, and hurting your reputation with unfair reviews. Fight back like your survival depends on it. Because it does.

Websites don’t

Build your customer database of names, emails, and phone numbers
Help you drive sales increases
Make marketing measurable (down to the penny)
Help you upsell specials to your customers
Collect customer feedback
Educate customers on why to order directly from you versus third party apps

So we built the platform that does.


Introducing the Restaurant funnel

Like a website that also drives new customers, collects customer feedback, and builds up your customer database.

Since using Owner.com we've done over $145,000 in revenue and on top of that we've saved over $29,000 in fees.

Jim Duignan

Flying Burrito

Build your database

Collect customer names, emails,
phone numbers, and birthdays
using proven offers.


Use your database

Automatic emails and texts sent at the perfect time. Proven to turn new customers into regulars. Stay top of mind to train customers to order directly from you.

Owner.com's marketing strategy is very helpful at attracting customers and retaining customers to reorder online.

John Nguyen

Jenny Pho

Measure marketing

Know exactly where new customers find out about you. Figure out what marketing is actually working and save money by cancelling the rest.

Their website gives you your full analytics and tells you exactly where your customers came from, Yelp, Google, and they're always improving.

Mo And Omar

Talkin' Tacos

Collect customer feedback

Ask customers for feedback automatically. Showcase the positive reviews, hide the unfair reviews, and handle the negative reviews privately before they get posted.


Drive orders,

Putting a link on your website isn’t enough. Most of your orders will still come through third party apps. Educate your customers on why they should order directly from you with automatic marketing, exclusive offers, and banners.


Convert website visitors into customers

Turn more of the thousands of people that already visit your website each year into new customers through Conversion Optimization. Use proven offers to get them ordering right away. Measure the impact, down to the penny.


Showcase specials

Share your upcoming events, specials, and announcements with your database in one click. Stay top of mind by engaging your customers with your latest updates.

Their marketing emails work great, they put us out there with our customers, remind them that we're here, and brought in a lot of orders through the website.

Yuliana Vasquez

Samos Oaxaca

Set up for you

Get up and running within 7 days, without needing to take more than 30 minutes of your time. Our setup team sets everything up for you.

It took less than a week to set up and in the first week we made about $5,000 in sales and in the last 6 months we've made about $200,000 in sales.

Adachi Hiroyuki

Aburaya Japanese Fried Chicken


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Help the hard working business owners who make America great live their American dream, serve their communities, and improve our world as a result.

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