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Stop letting delivery apps wreck your profits. For only a small monthly fee, use to:

Bring more traffic to your site
Enable easy direct orders
Boost customer loyalty
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How much are apps draining from your business?

The big third parties don’t like reminding you how much they’re taking from your sales. So, let’s look at some example numbers.

3rd Party
3rd Party Fees
Food & Labor
Rent & Admin

How much are apps draining from your business?

Let’s say you’ve had 1,000 orders a month through apps for the last year. They will now promote competing restaurants to those past customers. If they had ordered direct from you instead, you could now send out promotions to 12,000 people!

Take back control with

With you will no longer have to rely on the apps. You will get a website using our specialized platform for takeout and deliveries, designed to help with the three core challenges.

Bring in more traffic

Your new site is designed to please Google’s algorithms and boost your rankings, while we also help with offline tactics such as flyers.

Increase direct orders

Your new site will give visitors an optimized ordering experience while communicating the benefits for them to order direct.

Boost customer loyalty

You’ll have full access to your customer data. We can help you use this to send out SMS or email promotions along with running loyalty schemes.

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Trusted by thousands of restaurant owners

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"In 2 years of using, we've increased direct online sales by over $9,000 per month and converted 1,000 direct customer relationships"

Watch Samos Oaxaca Review
Phillip and Karen
SushiMe Roll'n

I really recommend They helped me and now I don’t have to share my profits with the big companies.

Watch Samos Oaxaca Review
Fortune Southern
Barbie Q

I really recommend They helped me and now I don’t have to share my profits with the big companies.

Watch Samos Oaxaca Review
Mo and Omar
Talkin Tacos

I really recommend They helped me and now I don’t have to share my profits with the big companies.

How brings you freedom from apps

We build you a high-performance website

We will talk through all the descriptions and details with you on a 30 min call. A week later you will have an optimized website built on our specialized platform, complete with ordering system.

See example website
Adachi Hiroyuki
Owner of Aburaya

"It took less than a week to set up and in the first week we made about $5,000 in sales and in the last 6 months we've made about $200,000
in sales."

Google sends you more traffic

Site performance is a top priority for Google. You will get rewarded for using our speedy platform with an instant SEO boost. Users typically see their restaurant in the top 3 results within 90 days, meaning more direct traffic

Mo Farraj
Owner of Talkin' Tacos

"We now get over 500 new customers every month from Google like clock work – and we can measure the sales impact averaging over $12,000 per month. When you search for tacos in Miramar Florida like thousands of people every month do, we come up first."

Create offline promotions

We will help you with additional marketing promotions, such as providing flyers for you to slip into orders from other apps orders or for local mailouts.

Visitors order from your website or branded app

Provide a smooth ordering experience, just like the giants such as Domino’s or Chipotle. Customers will be able to order straight from your website or branded app, without being redirected to a different site.

Promote specials  and upsells

You can go into your site any time to change menu items or add automated upsells. Our user typically see a jump of $5 per order by prompting customers to add high margin items.

Receive orders direct to your PoS

You won’t need to swear at yet another tablet and printer. integrates directly into popular systems such as Square and Clover, so any orders appear as if they’ve gone straight into your till.

Use your own drivers or our network

You can deliver orders yourself, or use our driver network with no charge to you. The only fee will be a few dollars added to the customer’s bill.

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Automated rewards programs

Convert new customers into regulars with our smart loyalty systems, just choose the rewards and requirements.

Market to past customers

Contact past customers at the perfect time to keep you on their mind. Send out emails or SMS to promote special deals or events.

All for only $500/month, with no extra fees

We don’t take a commission of your sales. You just pay a fixed monthly price. Save yourself thousands in commission fees by using

90-day satisfaction guarantee

92% of users stick with But if you’re not fully satisfied we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

No contract lock-in.
No questions asked.
Drive more online orders to your restaurant

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