197 Best Pizzeria Slogans You Can Use For Free

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Adam Guild

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October 18, 2023

It can be hard to write just the right phrase to promote the vibe of your pizzeria. After all, with so many different pizza restaurants out there, is there anything that hasn’t already been done?

Well actually, there is an infinite variety of pizzeria slogans that you could use. You just need to get a little creative.

I’ve put together a huge list of 197 different slogans that you can use for your pizzeria. But first, I want to give you a few tips that you should keep in mind when you’re brainstorming.

It can be hard to write just the right phrase to promote the vibe of your pizzeria. After all, with so many different pizza restaurants out there, is there anything that hasn’t already been done?

Well actually, there is an infinite variety of pizzeria slogans that you could use. You just need to get a little creative. 

I’ve put together a huge list of 197 different slogans that you can use for your pizzeria. But first, I want to give you a few tips that you should keep in mind when you’re brainstorming. 

Step 1: Keep It Simple

To start, try to keep it short and simple. That will make it more memorable.

After all, one of the most memorable pizzeria slogans in the 1990s was Little Caesar’s “Pizza! Pizza!” Can it get any simpler than that?

pizzeria slogans

This simple pizzeria slogan was used to promote their two-for-the-price-of-one deal. And it was so effective that Little Caeser’s was able to re-use it for future campaigns. 

For example, “Pan! Pan!” was used to promote their pan pizzas, and the repeated word was instantly recognizable as a Little Caesar’s slogan.

You never want your slogan to be longer than one sentence. Any longer than that and it won’t be remembered. 


Step 2: Make It Sound Like You

Next, make sure it fits with your brand. 

If your pizzeria is catered to families, you don’t want your slogan to be too formal or stiff. Instead, make it something that will appeal to children. 

Chuck E. Cheese’s slogan doesn’t even mention pizza. Instead, they chose to emphasize the fun atmosphere with their slogan “Where a kid can be a kid.”

It’s also a great idea to highlight a key benefit or unique feature of your pizzeria.

This could be a focus on quality, quick delivery time, fresh ingredients, or whatever your special selling point is.

Step 3: Don't Be Afraid To Change

Sure, you want one with staying power so it doesn’t feel dated within a year. But slogans are often used for a particular marketing campaign, so they can change over time.

Here are just some of the slogans that Pizza Hut has used over the years: 

slogans for pizza restaurants

This slogan worked in two ways — it highlighted the quality and variety of the pizza, but it also called back to that iconic red roof that Pizza Hut was famous for.

Pizza hut slogan "gather 'round the good stuff"

With this slogan, Pizza Hut changed their focus to one of family, gathering around dinner together. 

Pizza Hut slogan

This more modern slogan wasn’t a success. It was too generic and lost the nostalgia that the almost 60-year-old company should have capitalized on.

This current slogan does two things right. 

pizzeria slogans

It includes the term “Hut”, which no other pizza restaurant uses. And it also emphasizes that red roof again. 

Slogans can (and should) change with the times. So don’t think you have to be locked into your slogan for the next 30 years.

Still having trouble? Here is that promised list of 197 (yes, 197!!) different slogans that you can use for your pizzeria. 

Serious Slogans 1-30

If you own your own pizzeria, there’s a good chance that you’re pretty serious about pizza. A great pizza takes a lot of work, from perfecting the crust to balancing the sauce to choosing the best ingredients. 

With so much time and effort put into your food, you may want to keep your slogan serious and food-focused. So here is a list of serious pizzeria slogans that emphasize quality or value.

  • best pizza, best value
  • passionate about pizza
  • good to the last slice
  • pizza for the connoisseur
  • the pizza-lover’s pizza
  • pizza for foodies
  • artisanal pizza
  • big pizza, big flavor
  • fast. fresh. delicious.
  • for love of pizza
  • love at first slice
  • oven-fired goodness
  • hot pizza
  • we do pizza right
  • eat more pizza
serious pizza slogan
  • best pizza in [town]
  • got pizza?
  • family, friends, and pizza
  • we owe it all to pizza
  • hand-tossed goodness
  • a smile in every slice
  • the nice slice
  • perfect slice, perfect price
  • perfect pizzas from edge to edge
  • we know pizza
  • the right slice at the right price
  • scratch-made pizza goodness
  • try our pie
  • simply the best
  • it’s all about the pizza

Serious Slogans 31-60

pizzeria slogans
  • we let our pizza do the talking
  • pizza is better when shared
  • the prettiest pizza
  • made fresh every day
  • made the old-fashioned way
  • pizza is art
  • pizza is for lovers
  • every day is pizza day
  • wood-fired goodness
  • in the mood for Italian food
  • for the whole family
  • our pizzas can’t be topped
  • celebrating the art of pizza
  • [your town’s] premier pizza
  • hot and ready
slogans for pizza restaurants
  • just add heat [for a take-and-bake pizza]
  • get together over a pizza
  • pizza pride
  • you can’t have just one slice
  • more pizza please
  • the better pizza experience
  • pizza — America’s favorite food 
  • serious about pizza
  • make it a pizza night
  • how pizza is done
  • the magic of pizza
  • one goal, one passion — pizza
  • exceedingly good pizza
  • where pizza is a pleasure
  • you can always count on pizza

Fun Pizza Slogans 1-35

If your pizzeria is a little more laid back, you may want to have more fun with your slogan. Since pizza is affordable and popular with all age groups, you can have a silly slogan without risking alienating your customers.

Some of these pizzeria slogans are puns or plays-on-words. And some instead use hyperbole to imply that “nothing is more important than pizza”. Have fun with them!

  • people disappoint, but pizza never does
  • all you need is love and pizza
  • no grease-napkin required
  • time flies when you’re eating pies
  • the best food is eaten with your hands
  • pizza is our superpower
  • pizza is our favorite food group
  • will run for pizza
  • will work for pizza
  • pizza is life
  • here’s pie in your eye
  • pizza is our religion
  • pizza tastes better than skinny feels
  • our heart belongs to pizza
  • pizza — it’s good mood food
types of slogans for pizzerias
  • pizza is always the answer
  • always great, never greasy
  • eat to live, live for pizza
  • keep calm and eat pizza
  • when in doubt, pizza
  • say yes to pizza
  • less drama — more pizza
  • the party can’t start without pizza
  • pizza peace
  • prime time pizza
  • peace, love, and pizza
  • there’s no “we” in pizza
  • fueled by pizza
  • when the pizza craving sets in…
  • refuel with pizza
  • power to the pizza
  • pizza with pizzazz
  • ditch the chain, keep the pizza
  • not your daddy’s pizza
  • live the high life with pizza

Fun Pizza Slogans 36-70

slogans for pizza
  • made by hand, eaten by hand
  • when the going gets tough, the tough order pizza
  • so many pies, so little time
  • feed your soul with pizza
  • it’s pizza time
  • never fear, we’ve got pizza and beer
  • hasty and tasty
  • party at your place
  • all the best things are round
  • pizza paradise
  • love at first bite
  • dive right in
  • get lost in pizza
  • welcome to planet pizza
  • it’s not heaven, it’s pizza
pizzeria take-and-bake slogan
  • eat 2 slices and call me in the morning
  • say yes to pizza
  • diet tomorrow. pizza today
  • pizza — you know you want some
  • we knead the dough
  • doughn’t go breakin’ my heart…
  • rest in pizza
  • eata pieca pizza
  • time is short, pizza is forever
  • livin’ that pizza life
  • a-plus pizza
  • two pizzas are better than one
  • first there’s love, then there’s pizza
  • all for pizza, and pizza for all
  • a little love in every slice
  • ain’t no party like a pizza party
  • feed the beast with a pizza feast
  • weak for pizza
  • pizza’s going places
  • take another little pizza my heart

11 Pizza-Type Slogans

If you want to emphasize the type of pizza you serve, see if you can work it into the slogan. For example, if you serve the only Chicago-style pizza in town, you may want to make note of it. 

There is a huge difference between thick, doughy Detroit-style pizza and thin, crispy Neapolitan pizza. Help your customers to know what they’re in for by including a hint in your slogan.

These pizzeria slogans all reference either a type of pizza or a location that the pizza came from.

  1. Neapolitan perfection
  2. the best thing to come out of Detroit since Motown
  3. the original fold-and-go pizza
  4. stuffed crust is a must
  5. deep dish and delish
  6. Chicago-style makes you smile
  7. savor Sicily
  8. cheese from Italy, love from [town]
  9. from Italy, with love
  10. made in Italy
  11. dive deep into deep dish

41 Toppings & Ingredient Slogans

If you want to focus on a certain ingredient or topping in your pizza slogan, this is the section for you. Some pizzerias are particularly proud of their crust, sauce, or the freshness of their toppings. 

Pizza is particularly popular with vegetarians, since they can have a great pie with no meat required. So you could use a veggie-focused slogan to appeal to that demographic.

And some meat lovers will appreciate a pepperoni or sausage-focused slogan. This could work really well if you have high-end, artisanal meats on your pizzas.

pizzeria slogan

So here are some slogans you can use to highlight ingredients or specific toppings.

  • secret’s in the sauce
  • best toppings, best pizza
  • get cheesy
  • pepperoni is life
  • meat obsessed
  • we’re silly for sausage
  • serious about sausage
  • sweet sauce, spicy sausage
  • mushrooms and sausage and cheese, oh my
  • pepperoni perfection
slogans for organic pizza
  • our pepperoni pile will make you smile
  • fresh ingredients for the perfect pie
  • our dough has been rising for days
  • we’re on top of our toppings
  • in crust we trust
  • artisan cheese and homemade sauce
  • perfect toss, perfect sauce
  • fresh mozzarella is the only mozzarella
  • get saucy
  • we lust for crust
  • veggie heaven
  • feast on our yeast
  • perfect toppings, perfect pizza
  • hand-tossed and low-cost
  • mad for mushrooms
slogan for fast pizzeria
  • the supreme dream
  • you must try our crust
  • obsessed with oregano
  • from flour to cheese, we aim to please
  • topped with farm-fresh veggies
  • the best things in life are topped with cheese
  • try our mushroom pizza...he’s a fungi
  • don’t panic, our pizza’s organic
  • the hardest part of dinner should be picking the toppings
  • so fresh we don’t even have a freezer
  • the edgy veggie pizza
  • the meat lover’s treat
  • if you can eat it, we’ll put it on a pizza
  • taste the veggie rainbow
  • cheese and spice on every slice
  • 20 toppings, infinite combinations

13 Pizza Delivery Slogans

Maybe your customers already know about your delicious pizza, but you want them to know about your quick delivery, too. After all, pizza is one of the most common delivery foods in the country. 

pizzeria slogans

Since people usually order pizza when they’re already hungry, it’s a good idea to focus on the speed of your delivery. Of course, don’t make any promises about delivery times that you can’t keep!

  • best cure for the blues? pizza delivery
  • pizza in a flash
  • hot pizza, pronto
  • from our door to yours in no time flat
  • pizza from our home to yours
pizzeria slogans
  • order online — we’ll do the rest
  • you order, we deliver
  • from our house to yours
  • delivering pizza positivity
  • pizza dude is the best dude
  • from our store to your door
  • pizza — always better when it’s delivered
  • fresh pizza now


Next Steps: Grow Your Pizza Business

I hope you’re feeling inspired by this epic list of slogans! You can use any one of these for your pizzeria, or use them as fodder for your own brainstorming session. 

A great slogan can become part of a brand almost as much as the name itself, so make sure to think it through before you decide on one.

A good way to approach your slogan-writing project is to write down all of the words that come to mind when you think of your brand.

With those in mind, start playing with different phrases and see what sticks. You could easily write 20 to 30 different slogans before you come up with the winner.

Once you have one you like, say it out loud. Let it sit for a few days and see if you still like it. 

Try it out with a few friends and colleagues to get their feedback. 

Regardless of what you choose, picking a slogan is just one small step in growing a pizza business. If you want to reach more customers, turn existing customers into regulars, and make more money from your regulars, click here to read our comprehensive guide to restaurant growth.

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