The all-in-one tool for local business owners to own their digital presence (starting with restaurants) like HubSpot meets Shopify

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“Owner gives restaurants the tools to survive”
“How Owner helps restaurants survive during the
“This Startup Is Saving Restaurants From Heavy
Delivery App Fees”
“Owner.com serves up $10.7m so that independent
restaurants can get cooking”
“High school dropout starts company that offers free commission-delivery for restaurants”
(we were formerly known as Profitboss)


Local businesses are being killed by corporations. They’re losing all of their customer data to third party apps like GrubHub which also destroy their profitability. They’re being out-competed by corporations like Burger King which can afford to spend hundreds of millions in marketing and technology development.


Owner.com helps local business owners fight back against large corporations. We exist to level the playing field and to help local business owners take back control.


By 2045, Owner.com is going to be how local service-based business owners across the world manage their customer relationships and digital presences – starting with restaurants in the United States.


Adam Guild started what became Owner.com after seeing an early prototype save his mom’s business. He partnered up with Dean Bloembergen, the best product and technology genius in the industry, who had years of experience building technology for larger restaurant brands like Sharky’s, to create Owner.com. Since then, we’ve signed up thousands of restaurants and generated millions in revenue.


Over 80% of restaurant owners started off in entry level roles – waiters, busboys, hosts, and cooks. After years of working their way up, they finally earned their version of the American dream and became owners themselves. Being an owner is who they are. It’s the term they’re most proud to identify with. We exist to power the movement of Owners taking back control of their business from technology corporations and fighting back against large corporate competition.


Adam Guild CEO
Adam Guild
Cofounder, CEO
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Dean Bloembergen
Cofounder, CTO
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