Who is going to design my website?

Your new site will be created by the Owner Onboarding Team who specialize solely in creating restaurant websites that increase sales, delight customers, and help convert visitors into paying customers.

Are Owner.com websites mobile friendly?

Yes. Every Owner.com website is mobile friendly and responsive, ensuring your website experience adjusts according to the device your visitor is using.

Are Owner.com websites built for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Yes. You'll find best practice SEO features, like strategic URLs and meta titles, robust menu schemas, optimized page structures and more.

What if I want to change my design or make revisions to my website?

Through the Owner.com dashboard, you will have the tools to make content and photo updates at any time. With regards to the designed look and feel of your website: you will have two rounds of revisions to your website design before launch.

Does Owner.com build websites using templates?

Yes. Our hospitality-specific templates were created from the ground up to give our designers the flexibility needed to create unique designs while still providing you the restaurant-focused features needed to succeed online.

Are your websites accessible and ADA compliant?

Digital accessibility is a top priority for our customers. Owner’s website templates are designed to work with assistive technology. Learn more about website accessibility.