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Our partners empower restaurants around the world. To increase direct online sales, stand out, save money in fees, and succeed.

Introduce your clients to Owner.com, the top rated restaurant marketing platform used by thousands of restaurants worldwide.

We are obsessed with helping independent restaurant owners succeed. Our specialty? Working with takeout and deliver-centric concepts.
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Leader Position
Spring 2023
Rated #1 Restaurant Marketing Software

Why Owner

We help our partners deliver to clients an unreasonable level of direct sales performance, and an unfair competitive advantage in the crowded takeout and delivery market.

To set expectations, here’s what this means in practice

Website conversion rate

The average restaurant website converts website visitors to customers at a rate of 1-3%. Owner’s average across our client base is over 8%.

Average order value

Our clients typically see an increase of 10-30% from our upsell engine.

Sales growth

Many of our clients see a 50% increase in direct online sales within 3 months of being live with Owner.


As a rule of thumb, a direct online order has twice the gross margin of an order placed through a marketplace.

Sound too good to be true?

We hear that a lot. Unfortunately, the restaurant tech industry has a longstanding pattern of promising the moon and the stars but after the contract is signed, reality is very different.

In order to put our customers’ minds at ease, we’ve put our money where our mouth is

Unlike our competitors, we don’t lock customers into long term contracts. We are confident in our ability to [re]earn our customers’ business each and every month.


We believe in only making money when our customers make money. We also think it’s a bit strange when companies say they stand by their product then insist on locking customers into a contract.

The result

Our customers are raving fans.

But there are so many online ordering and restaurant marketing solutions out there. What exactly does Owner do differently that allows them to generate such different results?

While there’s a lot to this behind the scenes, here are three of the more visible areas where we stand apart from our competitors:

An all-in-one solution that delivers a delightful guest experience. Guests don’t get shocked with a ‘less-than-ideal’ user experience when placing their first order. Once that order is placed, the marketing, combined with an integrated loyalty program and mobile app converts online customers into online regulars.

We’re more opinionated about what a take-out and delivery-centric restaurant’s digital set-up should look like. Owner’s entire set-up is designed with one core focus - to maximize sales performance. We’ve crafted guardrails that protect the restaurant owner from making many of the website design decisions that impact performance on our competitors’ platforms.

It’s rare to find quick, experienced support in restaurant tech, but common to find stories of restaurant owners waiting hours to resolve an issue on a busy Friday night. We’ve gone in the opposite direction of our peers, and made support our competitive advantage. Don’t take our word for it - check out what our customers are saying.

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Being laser focussed on consistently delivery an exceptional client experience means being similarly attentive when selecting new partners to collaborate with.

Here are some of the values that we live and breath internally. They’re also how we filter for good-fit partners partners:

We embrace the truth that customer success is our success, and prioritize that above all else. Even if that means forgoing a quick buck (or residual).

We live or die by how fast we get things done. When issues arise, they’re addressed with urgency and persistence. We understand that livelihoods are at stake.

The ability to meaningfully move the dial on restaurant success is tablestakes.

We operate as strategic partners. This means consistently honouring our commitments, and providing candid feedback when we see opportunities for improvement. Silent disagreement is unacceptable.

Are you interested?

Feel these values are a good description of how you operate? We’d love to explore the fit with our partner program.

What’s the benefit of becoming a partner?

Aside from providing your clients a solution that might meaningfully impact their monthly sales growth, cash flow, and daily stress levels?

We offer partners an upfront referral bonus for restaurants they refer.

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Phil Carl is a restaurant tech reseller and partner of ours who relied on residuals to fund his retirement plan. That said, he made the decision to sacrifice the residuals and transition his clients to Owner. It was an unusual decision and we were curious why he made it, so we asked him:

Our partners love Owner

Glenn Cybulski

Glenn Cybulski

“We appreciate how Owner’s user-friendly platform helps restaurants increase direct online ordering sales. It’s one of the first recommendations I make to all of my consulting clients. “

Owner Referral Partner

Restaurant Consultant, International Pizza Champion, Founder of Chefs Feeding Kids

Timirie Shibley

Timirie Shibley

“After using Owner for over 6 months in my own restaurant and loving it, I knew I needed to tell my fellow restaurant owners about it. It helps me make money while helping others. Win, win, win”

Owner Referral Partner

Restaurant Consultant & Chair of the Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association

Phil Carl

Phil Carl

“Over 70% of the restaurants I’ve sent Owner have signed up, and the feedback from them about their experience has been outstanding. I’m proud to be able to help my clients more deeply through this partnership”

Owner Referral Partner

Head Coach, Good Cents Business Solutions

Here's why they love it

All-in-one system

Helps the restaurant owner manage their digital presence from powering their website to online ordering, loyalty, email marketing, text marketing, SEO, review management, and more.

Foolproof experience

Where the work is done for the restaurant owner. 90%+ of our customers don’t want to be involved in setting up technology or marketing, which is why we built our system to do it for them.

Gain clients

Earn money. Help restaurant owners. Build trust. Cultivate long-lasting relationships.

Full-service support

From a team of restaurant marketing experts. Personalized training for you and your clients.

Marketing. Built-in. Made easy.

SEO optimizations and integrations with Google My Business, Yelp and more. Proven email automations and pre-built rewards programs to reach loyal guests to keep them coming back.

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John and Sam


“Owner.com is a must-have for succeeding online as an independent restaurant today. In our first 30 days, we saw a 10% increase on over $100,000 in sales.”

Owner @ Metro Pizza

Top performing pizzeria in USA 2018

Timirie Shibley


“We’ve more than doubled our direct online sales since starting. I didn’t think having our own app would work, but our regulars love it and use it constantly.”

Owner @ Doo-Dah Diner

Chairwoman of the Kansas Restaurant Assosciation

Phillip Hang


“Now that we’ve used Owner for 1 year, I can say confidently that it is the best technology in our restaurant. We’ve increased direct online sales by over $77K in the past 10 months alone.”

Owner @ Sushi Me Rollin’

Member of the Restaurant Success Team