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Save thousands of dollars each month in third-party fees and keep the hundreds of customer relationships.

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If you clicked on this page, odds are you are getting screwed by the delivery apps.

Even if you raise prices, their fees are so high that they still hurt profits AND they take the customer relationship. They don’t even share customers’ names with you anymore.

The problem

To solve this problem, we should cover why customers order from delivery apps instead of your website today.

1. Ease

Is it easier to order from your website or DoorDash?

DoorDash because they already have the app on their home screen. Takes seconds to order from an app rather than minutes through a website.

2. Value

Do I get better value in ordering from your website or DoorDash?

With the DashPass and credit card bonus points, customers feel like they get better value
othering from the delivery apps than the restaurant website.

3. Marketing

Which is doing a better job keeping me engaged, your website or DoorDash?

DoorDash. They’re constantly running ads to customers and sending them emails and
push notifications using their massive marketing department.

Build an experience that wins

To get the customer to order from you instead, you must build an experience that wins on ease, value, and marketing — just like Domino’s, Chipotle, and SweetGreen have done.

That’s where comes in.

Win on ease with the easiest possible ordering experience.

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  • Branded app

    Give regulars your own branded app to order from, just like Starbucks. This makes ordering take seconds, not minutes. No need to sign in.

  • Apple Pay, Google Pay

    Help customers avoid hassle by not making them pull out and type in their credit card. Your app will integrate with their smartphone wallets.

  • One click reordering

    Save customers time by enabling re-ordering in just a few taps. Make buying from your business as easy as possible for regulars, so that they do it more.

Customers who download a restaurant’s app go on to order 60% more frequently and spend 200% more with a restaurant over the course of a year.

Win on value with savings on fees and a strategic rewards program.

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  • Free education

    Show customers as they order from you how much they’re saving by ordering from your website or app between the third-party fees and menu price hikes.

  • Rewards program

    Reward loyal customers with free food. It’s cheaper than paying 20% in commissions and losing customer data, and is proven to increase customer loyalty.

  • Commission-free delivery

    Use the partnerships we’ve negotiated with leading delivery providers including UberEats, DoorDash, and Relay to offer deliveries on a flat fee model, saving BOTH you and the guest on every order.

Customers pay an average of 21% in premiums ordering from DoorDash versus direct ordering experiences made with Owner. When you show them how much better value they’re getting in ordering from you directly, they do it every time.

Win on marketing with campaigns to take your customers back.

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  • Email education

    Automate email campaigns to tell customers all of the benefits they could get ordering from your website or your app instead of the delivery apps.

  • Flyers in togo bags

    Put a flyer in every togo bag going through the delivery apps to educate customers on why to order from you instead: for better value, savings, and ease.

  • Offline marketing

    Use our free flyers, table tents, and more to get customers to install your app and opt-in to your marketing. We’ll send you these materials for free.

The average restaurant using Owner’s system recovers 50% of their customers from the delivery apps within 180 days of launching, saving an average of over $2,000/m in fees.

Recommended process

Switch people over gradually. Keep using delivery apps to drive new customer discovery, but don’t let them take over your customer relationships and profits.

  • Day 1

    Raise menu prices 10% on delivery apps.

    Then begin putting flyers in to-go bags, post materials in the dining room, and use our built-in website banners to educate people on why to use your app instead.

  • Day 90

    Raise prices another 10% on third-party apps

    Raise prices another 10% on third-party apps. By this point, around 20% of your third-party app orders should be going directly to you instead.

  • Day 180

    Raise prices another 10% on third-party apps.

    By this point, around 50% of your third-party app orders should be going directly to you instead.

  • Day 365

    By this point, we often see 80% of all order volume going direct. You can decide on whether you want to turn off delivery apps completely or keep using them for discovery.

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