SEO for Restaurants

Make sure your restaurant comes up first when people are searching Google for your type of food in your area. Learn the benefits below, see real sales data from restaurants that have mastered SEO, and get access to the secrets for this marketing channel.

Benefits of SEO

SEO can be confusing. Why is it valuable and worth more than social media?

There are thousands of potential customers that search Google for popular restaurant types every month.

When people are searching Google for terms like “best pizza in Chicago”, they are hungry and ready to buy. When people are on Facebook, they are there to socialize – not to order food. As a result, customers are much easier to convince from Google.

When you rank at the top, you get free exposure to the thousands of people read to buy every month that are searching for restaurants and your cuisine type. You don’t have to pay for every click.

According to a 2022 study, more people search Google for restaurants than DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub combined.
43% of all Google searches are looking for local results.
69% of consumers use Google to find business information before going to restaurants.

SEO Case Studies

Wilmington, NC

Jay's Incredible Pizza

Pittsburgh, PA

Pizza Perfectta

Pizza Perfectta completely revolutionizes their online presence with and went from $10,000 per month to over $26,000 per month in direct online sales and has saved over $37,000 in third party fees since going live April 2022

The Restaurant SEO Master Checklist

After powering thousands of restaurant’s online sites, we have it down to a science that we are constantly testing and improving. These are the steps to make your restaurant the most relevant result in Google’s eyes, and show up at the top.

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Does your homepage give customers everything they need to make a buying decision

Reviews, FAQs, interactive menu, quality food photography, benefits of your restaurant, details on your market differentiation.

Are your metatitle and metadescription optimized to include your top keywords

Do you have a dedicated catering page to come up when people are searching for catering in your area?

Are your name, email, phone number, and address exactly identical across your website and the top 10 online directories which list your restaurant?

Does your website include LSI terms to clarify what your website is about to Google?

Is your website load speed in the top 1% of restaurant websites?

Does your website have other relevant websites linking back to it?

Is your menu search-friendly? If it’s a pdf or image file, the answer is no

Do each of your menu items have their own page, so that when people are craving specific dishes on your menu you have a relevant website that comes up?

Do you post reviews containing details on each dish to help the customer make a buying decision, since 70% of people making online orders reference reviews?

Do all of your images have the right alt text?

Are your H1 and H2 tags written strategically to include your top keywords?

Does your website tell your story in a way that customers can connect to and understand how your restaurant differentiates?

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