Help mom and pop business owners survive in the digital age.

Explore joining our fully remote team. Our team includes alumni from the most successful companies serving small businesses like Shopify, ServiceTitan, and Yelp.

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Gallery of Team

Meet our team

Chris Moreira

Head of Sales

Dean Bloembergen

Co-founder & CTO

Monica Duong

People Lead

Tucker Hawkinson

Founding Engineer

Adam Guild

Co-founder & CEO

Marco Ignacio

Onboarding Lead

David Albers

Onboarding and Logistics Specialist

Jed Somers

Chief Operating Officer

Maria Balistreri

Partnerships Manager

Levi Jones

Head of Design

Our mission

Local business owners are part of what makes our communities great. They risk everything – years of their lives, their families, their savings – to pursue their dreams.

They’re not just important for our economy, creating the majority of new jobs. They also represent hope for the American dream in our communities. They remind us that it’s possible to rise from being an entry-level worker to becoming a business owner one day, as 70% of restaurant owners do.

But they’re going to go extinct if something doesn’t change. Because corporations are destroying them. Large tech corporations like Yelp and GrubHub are stealing their customer relationships and destroying their profits with predatory practices.

Large restaurant corporations like Burger King are also decimating mom and pop business owners. They can afford to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the latest marketing and technology which gives them massive unfair advantages.

We’re building the platform that levels the playing field, and helps them not only survive but thrive. Our technology gives the technology superpowers of Domino’s to the local pizzeria so that they can fight back against the large corporations.

Our Values

Focus on people

We exist to help people — and we never forget that we’re working with and building products for real humans. Everyone in the company talks to customers at least once per week to figure out how we can improve life for them.

Impact our product

We believe everyone in the company should play a role in what we build. Our product development process is open to the entire company, so that we can each use our unique insights to better serve our customers and build the best product possible.

Share the energy

We’re optimistic about the future and grateful about where we are today. Our high-energy culture spills into the world around us. The good vibes brighten every interaction we have with our teammates, customers and partners — and moves us all forward, together.

Play the long game

We’re building a business that will be around for decades. We make long-term bets that align with our values — even if we won’t always see the payoff in the short-term. We set ourselves up for future success by going after the hardest problems first and learning from our mistakes along the way.

Move fast, even if it breaks things

We believe that our success depends on our ability to move fast. We ship weekly and move with absolute urgency towards the goals we set. We embrace that moving fast sometimes breaks things and challenges us.

Help local business owners survive

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Our Perks

Work from anywhere

Our flexible policy lets you work from wherever you want — whether that’s our office, your house, or the beach.

Healthcare coverage

We offer comprehensive health, dental and vision plans, plus a monthly fitness stipend to use how you choose.

Team retreats

We love building real friendships with everyone that we work with, so we do several retreats per year in fun destinations – to deepen our friendships, celebrate our wins, and plan our future.

Equity in Owner

We believe in owning what you do, so all full-time employees receive pre-IPO equity in Owner.

Unlimited PTO

Your schedule, your choice. We’ve got unlimited PTO and don't micro-manage working hours.

Benefits on the go

From meditation classes to a home office stipend, we set you up for success where you are and where you’re going.

Help us save the American dream.