Wow regulars with your own branded app.

Drive repeat orders with your own app. Get your own loyalty and rewards program, just like Starbucks.

Grow sales with your own mobile app

Keep regulars coming back with a fast ordering experience, built-in loyalty program, and perfectly-timed marketing.

Grow your repeat orders

With your app on your customers’ phones, it’s fewer taps to order from you instead of going through the delivery apps.

Built-in loyalty and rewards

Diners can be automatically enrolled into the loyalty program with their first purchase, increasing order frequency and check sizes.

Stay top of mind with notifications

Remind customers who haven’t ordered from you in a while. Send promotions to drive orders on your slow days.

“Owner is a must if you’re serious about growing your restaurant.”

"We’ve more than doubled our direct online sales since starting. I didn’t think having our own app would work, but our regulars love it and use it constantly."

Timirie Shibley

from Doo-Dah Diner

Get a demo of for your restaurant

We’ll show you examples of how our websites drive direct online orders.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do independent restaurants really need their own app?

    Yes, it’s another way we help you drive sales. Here’s the data from the thousands of restaurants we work with: 80% of your regulars want apps from their favorite restaurants. Roughly 1 in 2 of your regulars will download your app. People who install restaurant apps order 60% more frequently.

  • How much does this cost?

    Your branded mobile app comes included when you sign up. There is no additional charge to have a mobile app for your restaurant.