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Drive more revenue through having your own branded mobile app, just like Domino’s and the most efficient restaurant concepts in the world.

"We’ve tried other platforms, but what enabled us to double sales on Owner versus the previous solutions we used was our outstanding mobile app that customers love ordering from"

Mo Farraj
Owner of Talkin' Tacos in Miami
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Mobile App Facts

2x Repeat Order Rate

Versus Website-Ordering

50% Decrease

In Time To Reorder

59% Opt-In Rate

To Push Notifications

How Mobile Apps Can Save Thousands Each Month In
Third Party Fees

When you’re listed on apps like UberEats, customers will order from you on those places even if it costs them much more money — no matter how many times you ask to go to your website.


Because it’s so much easier for them to use an app. Ordering takes just seconds instead of minutes in having to find the website, manually log in, and manually type in all information.

But when you have your own app, you can make it even easier to order directly from you instead of third party apps, and convert those customers over — saving yourself thousands in fees.

Case Studies

See restaurants who have used Owner to power their own branded mobile apps, driving thousands each month in additional sales.

Mike from Union Pizza saves $4,000 per month on UberEats fees and increases direct sales $16,000 after dumping ChowNow

Los Angeles, CA

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Talkin' Tacos went from $0 in direct online sales to $45,000 per month on

Miramar, Florida

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