Profitable delivery for restaurants

Save thousands each month in delivery fees using for delivery. Use our driver network, your own in-house drivers, or a hybrid of both.

Better for you. Cheaper for your customers.

Even if you raise prices on the apps, you still take a hit and lose all of the customer data on those orders — while customers get upset at the increases. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We don’t make money on delivery

Our business is based on a subscription model. We just charge you a monthly fee that includes everything in our platform. We’ve negotiated a deal where you can use third-party drivers without paying commissions.

Get the best drivers, commission-free

For a flat fee, we'll tap into the driver networks of the delivery apps on your behalf. We then use a built-in driver rating system to ensure that you only get top-rated, professional drivers.

Clear savings for your customers

Customers already think ordering on third-party apps like Uber Eats is expensive. Not only are the prices often increased but there’s often multiple fees charged to the customer: delivery fees, convenience fees, platform fees, and more.

“A superpower for restaurants.”

"We were trying all the third-party apps. Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates. When you use the apps, they charge you huge fees for delivery and pickup. We were close to 30-35%. But with, you’re paying nothing in commission fees."

Rahul Bhatia

Saffron Indian Kitchen

Get a demo of for your restaurant

We’ll show you examples of how our websites drive direct online orders.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I change how the delivery fee is split?

    Yes, you can customize how the delivery fee gets split to fit your exact needs. For example, offer free or discounted delivery if the customer has an order over $100.

  • Why would customers order from my app instead of the third parties?

    First, it’s cheaper for them. You may be marking up your prices on the delivery apps in order to cover their commissions. There are also sometimes platform fees and delivery fees that can inflate their order total.

    Second, you can incentivize them with a rewards program. With, you can reward them with a points-based loyalty program, giving away low food cost items like mozzarella sticks and fries every few orders to reward people for ordering directly.

    Finally, supporting local. Customers know how unfair the third party delivery apps are to restaurants, so when we give them a way that’s just as easy to support you while still getting delivery, they take us up on it.

  • Why would the third-party apps go for this?

    We negotiated in bulk with our thousands of restaurants to get the best possible deal. Even though they make less revenue on these orders, they make more profit on each order because they don’t have to spend money to get people to use their apps. They use the delivery tip to offset their driver cost, so the $7 they get is almost pure profit. It helps keep their drivers more busy and active on their platform.