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Thousands of restaurant owners – from small pizzerias to full service restaurant chains – use the Owner platform to take back control, drive direct sales, save money on fees, and manage their online presences all-in-one.

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Trusted by thousands of restaurant owners

"Owner has been the best platform we've ever used. We've increased direct online sales by over $20,000 per month, and save over $2,000 per month on third-party fees."

Antoinette Belvedere

Since we started using Owner.com a couple months ago we've seen an increase in sales and also we've sold about $40,000 on the platform and saved over $8,000 in fees.

Mo and Omar

Owner of
Talkin' Tacos
In the last year I've done more than $800,000 in revenue and saved more than $150,000 in fees.

Rahul Bhatia

Owner of
"We have more than doubled revenue with Owner.com, and we don't have to have someone stuck to the phone all the time anymore"

Tom Hayes

Owner.com's marketing strategy is very helpful at attracting customers and retaining customers to reorder online.

John Nguyen

Owner of
Jennie Pho
Their customer service is, bar none, one of the best and they’ve really helped with our success. In less than 5 weeks we have over $25,000 in sales and it’s the middle of winter not even our busy season. I’m excited for the future and highly recommend it!

Jasson Parra

Owner of
Lemon Tree
"I love the platform. It has everything already built into it."

Theresa Delin

In the past year we've generated $120,000 in sales and saved about $25,000 in third party fees.

Cindy Lin

Owner of
Since we started with Owner.com we've made more than $50,000 in sales and saved ourselves $10,000 in commission.

Yuliana Vasquez

Owner of
Samos Oaxaca
In the last 6 months we've done about $200,000 in sales just from Owner.com only for instore pick up orders.

Adachi Hiroyuki

I've made more in one month on Owner.com than I made on the old website in an entire year!

Antonio Henry

I really recommend Owner.com. They helped me and now I don’t have to share my profits with the big companies.

David Song

Owner of
Sushi 661
If you want an ordering system that also markets your company, look no further than Owner.com, they've gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us market our restaurant!

Jim Angelopoulos

Owner of

Take Back Control

Take back control from the huge technology corporations. The ones charging you crazy fees, stealing your data, and hurting your reputation with unfair reviews. Fight back like your survival depends on it. Because it does.

1 • SEO and List Building

Drive New Customers

  • Show up at the top of Google
  • Hook customers with a smooth experience
  • Build your customer list
2 • World Class Online Ordering

Deliver, Commission-Free

  • Offer easy online ordering on your website
  • Offer pick up or delivery
  • Deliver with our driver network, commission-free
3 • Social Sharing and Re-Marketing

Encourage Word of Mouth

  • Get reviews on your dishes
  • Automatically follows your restaurant
  • Emails and texts inviting them back with an offer

All-In-One Platform

Increase Sales

Automatic SEO

Show up when customers are searching for your cuisine

Email Marketing

Automate emails to stay top of mind

Text Marketing

Blast out texts to promote specials




Google Ads

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Save on Fees


Educate on why to order directly from your website.

Loyalty Rewards

Incentivize customers to order from your website.

Commission-Free Delivery

Offer delivery to your customers, commission-free.





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Recruit Staff


Get qualified applicants with your own job board.


Showcase the benefits of working at your restaurant.


Impress candidates with a state-of-the-art online brand.





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Delight Customers

One Click Accounts

Offer one click login and checkout, just like Amazon.

Smooth Experience

Impress customers with a world class online experience, branded to your restaurant.

Loyalty Program

Incentivize customers to order directly from your website with built-in rewards.





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24/7 Support

Owner has the highest rated client support in restaurant software, based in the United States. We're here for you 24 hours a day, every day of the week, including holidays.

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