Making online growth easy for restaurants

Thousands of restaurant owners use to succeed online. Grow your sales with a great online experience – just like Domino's and Chipotle.

How restaurants grow using Owner

Owner gives you the same tools that major national brands use to drive sales. We learn what works for them, then give it to local restaurant owners.

  • Website and Online Ordering
    designed to increase orders.

  • Mobile app with rewards
    to help you drive repeat orders.

  • Automated marketing
    proven to drive sales.

See why we're rated #1 in restaurant tech

  • Rated #1 Restaurant Marketing Software

  • Leader Position Summer 2024

The branded website and Online ordering platform is perfect for our guest and growing my business.

Steven F has been an absolute lifesaver when it comes to minimizing third-party service fees and driving direct store sales

Tara B

My restaurant's website looks awesome. I'm keeping all the profits for my store instead of giving 30-40% away.

Gia S

With I keep all money from sales and only pay minimal fee on delivery cost.

Mohammad A

My restaurants operate very late, yet Owner Customer's Support has ALWAYS been active and able to help me with any concerns!

Daryl E

Why isn’t every restaurant using this system? My SCO is at an all time high, because I am retaining customers to my website.

John R has almost everything you need to run your restaurant online. An awesome partner to have for restaurants.

Jake A

They are helping us take back more control of our business and compete with larger companies because the technology is great!

Michael B

Exceptional customer service from start to finish every step of the process has been an enjoyable experience

Ziad A

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Growing sales is easy when you use Owner

We make it easy for your customers to re-order by giving your restaurant its own mobile app.

Your website should be your top source of new customers. We use AI to grow your website’s Google rankings.

Customers order directly if it's familiar & easy. So that's how we build your online ordering.

John & Sam

Owners at Metro Pizza

“ is the most innovative solution we’ve come across in 35 years. It’s a must-have for succeeding online as an independent restaurant today.

  • +54%

    Sales growth after switching to Owner

  • 11,000

    Installs of their new mobile app, created with Owner

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Metro Pizza

Sandy Sei

Owner of Cyclo Noodles

“Families and friends who are using DoorDash or Grubhub, I would recommend to check out. Don’t take my word for it, read the reviews, see their videos, and just give them a call, because it can save you a lot of money.”

  • +$104,000

    Sales growth after switching to Owner

  • $31,000

    Savings in third-party fees

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Cyclo Noodles

Timirie Shibley

Owner of Doo-Dah Diner

“We’ve more than doubled our direct online sales since starting. I didn’t think having our own app would work, but our regulars love it and use it constantly.

  • +$72,000

    Sales growth after switching to Owner

  • $19,000

    Savings in third-party fees

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Doo-Dah Diner

Delivery without the unfair commissions

Learn more

  • Flat delivery fees. Pay a simple flat fee for delivery.

  • 4.5+ star drivers. We only send you top-rated DoorDash and Uber Eats drivers.

  • Control who delivers. Use third-party drivers, your own drivers, or both.

Yuliana Vasquez

Owner of Samos Oaxaca

“ is the secret to our online success. It makes online marketing so easy, and our guests love using our new ordering system and app.”

  • +$150,000

    Online sales

  • +377%


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Rahul Bhatia

Owner of Saffron Indian Kitchen

“The platform has been like a superpower for restaurants that increases sales and drives new customers consistently.”

  • +$3,000,000

    Online sales

  • +3


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Hiroyuki Aidichi

Owner of Aburaya Fried Chicken

“The best part is your customer service. It’s so quick and friendly; it just made my life easier. If somebody asks me, I recommend Owner.”

  • +$25,000

    Online sales

  • $100,000

    Delivery fees saved

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3 beliefs that guide our company

Understand how we do business.

  • Your sales growth is the most important thing.

    We've built every part of our product with one goal: driving sales for you. For example, our website system prioritizes what works to drive sales, not fancy customization.

  • We have to earn your business every month.

    Restaurants are hard enough. You don’t need another tech vendor tying you up in a long-term contract. We only do month-to-month.

  • Restaurants should own their customer relationships.

    Many tech companies separate restaurants from their customers. With Owner, you own your customer data. If you ever decide to leave Owner, you get to bring your customers with you.

Adam Guild

Co-Founder and CEO at Owner