How Samos Oaxaca increased direct online sales by $10,000/m by swapping using Owner with Clover

$2,000,000 Sales

+970% Growth

$435,000 Savings


Yuliana Vasquez

Yuliana and her husband came to this country from Mexico in pursuit of the American dream.

After years of saving up and working in other restaurants, they opened Somos Oaxaca. Their vision was to bring their favorite dishes from their home in Mexico to their community in Los Angeles. Their dream was almost devastated by the pandemic making their business so dependent on online orders, because the third party apps were preying on them.

Fortunately, they found a way to survive and thrive on the other side.

Why they switched to Owner

Loyalty program

Yuliana wanted a way to reward her most regular customers by ordering directly from her online, rather than going through the delivery apps.

Losing money

DoorDash and UberEats took over their business, which meant they were losing over $4,000 per month from third party commissions.

No sales increases

Their previous online ordering and PoS system Clover wasn’t helping proactively increase their sales.

Better experience

They felt that they needed a better ordering experience through their website than what their PoS system Clover could offer.

Before Owner

$2,000/m in direct online sales

$50 average check size

0 app installs


Dated website and online ordering

Somos Oaxaca old website looked amateur. It didn’t create an inviting experience.


Unbranded online ordering

They couldn’t customize their previous Clover system look and feel to tell their story.


Dated website and online ordering

Somos Oaxaca old website looked amateur. It didn’t create an inviting experience.

After Owner

$10,000/m in direct online sales

$57 average check size

4,000 app installs


State of the art experience that guests LOVE

In just 1 year, they’ve gotten over 100 5 Star Reviews directly from their new online system and have earned a 4.9/5.0 star satisfaction rating from guests using the system.


Branded mobile app

Somos Oaxaca now has its own branded app, and it’s a hit among regulars. Over 4,000 of her customers downloaded it within 90 days of launching it, and it has become the primary way people order takeout from them. They love how much faster the experience is, taking just a few seconds to order instead of minutes.


Loyalty system

The $150,000+ increase in sales and $50,000+ has given Yuliana and Filemon enough money to expand their dream with its second location.

“ is the secret to our online success.”

It makes online marketing so easy, and our guests love using our new ordering system and app through Owner.

Favorite features

Website Builder
Online Ordering
Loyalty System

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