Helping the people who serve our communities

Check out our story video to learn how we got here and why our customers love Owner. This is personal for us.

Why we do what we do

Local business owners are the lifeblood of local communities.

They create jobs, give their neighborhoods unique flavors, and inspire people in their community by showing them that earning their way owning their own business is possible.

Fun facts

70% of restaurant owners started off in entry level positions – as waiters, line cooks, bussers – and earn up to becoming owners over the course of years.

Restaurant owners work hard to support their families and feed their communities, with the average owner working over 60 hours per week.

37% of restaurant owners are first-generation immigrants to the
United States.

A not-so-fun fact

Local business owners are on a path to extinction.

Just 20 years ago, 60% of the independent restaurant world was owned by independent mom and pops. Today, that number is 40%, and dropping by the year.

They need our help to survive in the digital age.

What’s going on?

Independent restaurants (and businesses) are being destroyed by large corporations.

You have massive third-party apps like GrubHub that are taking predatory fees and all of their customer relationships – not even sharing customer’s names anymore or contact details.

Plus, massive corporations like Domino’s Pizza that are spending billions in marketing and technology to gobble up independent restaurants' market share.

Independent business owners need something to level the playing field
– and fast – to survive.

That’s where we come in.

Owner gives the superpowers of large corporations to independent restaurants.

How it started

Our cofounder Adam was inspired to start Owner after an experience he had in saving his mom’s business.

He saw the impact having the right technology made in her life – seeing her transform from struggling single mom to self-made success.

He partnered with Dean Bloembergen, the best technology and product leader he knew – who had experience building technology for large restaurant corporations like Blaze Pizza and Sharky’s, to build Owner. Dean’s parents are also small business owners so he deeply loved getting to help people like them.

How it’s going

Since our launch in May of 2020, here are some of the ways we've been making an impact for restaurants and their millions of guests.

Restaurants helped


Customers served


Sales drive


Fees saved for restaurants


Helping local business owners survive and thrive

See why Owner is the #1 rated restaurant marketing platform

John and Sam


“ is a must-have for succeeding online as an independent restaurant today. In our first 30 days, we saw a 10% increase on over $100,000 in sales.”

Owner @ Metro Pizza

Top performing pizzeria in USA 2018

Timirie Shibley


“We’ve more than doubled our direct online sales since starting. I didn’t think having our own app would work, but our regulars love it and use it constantly.”

Owner @ Doo-Dah Diner

Chairwoman of the Kansas Restaurant Assosciation

Phillip Hang


“Now that we’ve used Owner for 1 year, I can say confidently that it is the best technology in our restaurant. We’ve increased direct online sales by over $77K in the past 10 months alone.”

Owner @ Sushi Me Rollin’

Member of the Restaurant Success Team

Our vision

It turns out it’s more than just independent restaurants.

Every local service-based business around the world is facing the same pressures, where they’re being destroyed by large corporations because they're losing on the digital battlefield.

Once we've helped millions of independent restaurants, Owner will help all of the other local service based companies. We’re intentionally building our solution to scale across verticals.

In 20 years, Owner will be like HubSpot (marketing suite) + Shopify (commerce system) but for local service-based businesses.

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