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Condensed Growth Guide

The Complete Guide To Restaurant Marketing In 2022

This handbook explains how to grow a restaurant.

I’ve built this guide using firsthand data from two incredible sources: the team’s 27 years of direct restaurant experience, and the real performance of thousands of our restaurant partners over the last 12 months.

This guide isn’t a compilation of random strategies or marketing theories.

What I’m going to cover in this guide is what’s actually working RIGHT NOW for restaurants all over the country — from mom and pop diners to local chains to nationally renowned establishments.

This is a 4-part guide, where we’ll cover the following:

  1. Restaurant Growth
  2. Direct Online Ordering
  3. Restaurant Marketing
  4. Restaurant Promotion

Let's get started.

Search Volume Ranking

Restaurant Growth

How our restaurant partners increase direct orders by an average of 270% in just 3 months.

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