107 Best Burger Captions for Instagram

Save time with social media by using this list for inspiration for your burger-related posts.

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October 18, 2023

Key takeaways

  • Burgers are a popular and versatile food choice, suitable for various dietary preferences and offering endless customization options.
  • Creative and catchy Instagram captions can significantly enhance the appeal and promotion of burgers on social media platforms.
  • The article provides a comprehensive list of 107 imaginative and engaging burger captions for Instagram, helping in effective marketing and showcasing of burgers.

Did you know that Americans eat 3 burgers per week on average?? 

Burgers are one of the most popular foods in America and on Instagram, with almost 20 million uses of the #burger and #burgers hashtags. But even though they’re popular, it can be hard to come up with something witty to post along with that juicy burger photo. 

So I’ve put together a list of the 97 107 best burger captions for Instagram. Some of these will even work for turkey or veggie burgers!

Burger Captions 1-15

burger marketing
  • say cheese(burgers)!
  • life is too short to miss out on double cheeseburgers
  • i’m into fitness...fitness whole burger in my mouth
  • we go together like a burger and fries
  • i can haz cheezburger?
  • fry day is the best day
  • i’m sorry for what i said before i had my burger
  • it’s burger o’clock
  • yeah, i lift...this burger to my mouth
  • a burger without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze
  • now THAT is a tasty burger
  • ground beef between your teeth
  • eyes on the fries
  • burger goals
  • the only bad burger is the one you didn’t eat


Burger Captions 16-30

4 massive meaty burgers
  • burgerlicious
  • burgers cure what ails you
  • it’s burger o’clock
  • extra cheese, please
  • when life throws you a burger, eat it
  • burger on the brain
  • come for the burger, stay for the fries
  • i work out because i love burgers
  • who’s the burger boss?
  • our abc’s — always be cheesin’
  • there’s no “i” in cheeseburger
  • it has lettuce and tomato...so a burger is basically a salad
  • wind in my hair, smell of fries in the air
  • tomatoes grow up to be ketchup
  • nice buns

Burger Captions 31-45

burger promotion ideas
  • you did something today to deserve a burger
  • we followed our hearts and it led us to burgers
  • bacon — it’s like meat candy
  • don’t go bacon my heart
  • body by burgers
  • burger + bacon = perfect combo
  • you can’t spell “friends” without “fries”
  • so...we meat again
  • burgers are my favorite food group
  • find someone who looks at you like she’s looking at this burger
  • what’s slower — a microwave minute, or a “waiting for my burger” minute?
  • is it a food baby? nah, just a burger
  • burger bae
  • treat yo’self (to a burger)
  • a balanced diet is a burger in each hand

Burger Captions 46-60

burger captions for instagram
  • we don’t want none unless you got buns hun
  • heaven between two buns
  • burger = good. cheeseburger = better. bacon cheeseburger = ?
  • that last rogue fry in the bottom of the bag...
  • burger-holic
  • gouda is good, but cheddar is better
  • where’s the beef?
  • tag your burger buddy
  • burger heaven
  • friends with burger-fits
  • every day is burger day
  • burgers — the ultimate cheat meal
  • you are the bacon to my cheeseburger
  • you can finish that cheeseburger. i believe in you
  • burgers are our love language

Burger Captions 61-75

promoting burgers on instagram
  • hungry? let’s meat up…
  • the best burgers are like life — messy and topped with bacon
  • life is too short for a well-done burger
  • love is in the air, and it’s medium rare
  • the best burgers come from the best cows
  • a perfectly round quarter pound
  • always a good time for burgers
  • you hamburgled my heart
  • you’re the only bun for me
  • my heart belongs to burgers
  • if you put an egg on a burger, you’ve got breakfast
  • burgermania
  • meat or veggie, all burgers are beautiful
  • i only have eyes for burgers and fries
  • one patty, two patty, three patty, four…

Burger Captions 76-100

burger promotion for instagram
  • this burger has too much cheese, said no one ever
  • nice to meat you
  • burgers are great, but bacon burgers are magic
  • don’t be sad...we live in a world with cheeseburgers
  • cheeseburgers are proof that god loves us
  • lady in the streets, freak when she eats (cheeseburgers)
  • burgers make the world go ‘round
  • the best burgers are the ones shared with friends
  • burger party at my place
  • extra beef, hold the lettuce leaf
  • stop. burger time
  • the meat is on
  • burger dates for burger mates
  • living that burger life
  • burger vibes

Burger Captions 101-107

burger captions for instagram
  • perfect burgers, perfect date
  • so many burgers, so little time
  • in a relationship...with this burger
  • burger magic
  • suns out, buns out
  • our pickles are kind of a big dill
  • cheeseburger in paradise


Next Steps: Grow Your Burger Restaurant

Between patties, buns, toppings, and sauces, there are a lot of components to burgers that you can play with for captions. 

To get attract new followers, make sure to use plenty of hashtags! Search on Instagram using the “Explore” page for a good variety. 

Use some that are really popular (like #burger) and some that are a little more niche, like #baconburger. Using an assortment will make sure that you get good exposure without being buried among the crowd. 

For photos, there’s generally not a ton of color on burgers, especially if they don’t have lettuce or tomato on them. 

So try to focus on the juiciness of the burger in your pictures. They’ll still look really appealing, even if the colors don’t pop. 

Regardless of which captions you choose, social media is just one part of growing a restaurant. If you want to reach more customers, turn existing customers into regulars, and make more money from your regulars, click here to read our comprehensive guide to restaurant growth.

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