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How Antoinette Increased Direct Online Sales By $27,000 in 90 Days (without spending money on ads)

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3 Things Antoinette Did To Make Her Restaurant Show Up First on Google (without spending thousands of dollars or hours every month)

It’s every restaurant owner’s dream:

Getting people who are looking for a restaurant near you to find your restaurant.

These people are perfect to acquire because:

  • They are not currently loyal to any of your competitors.
  • They are in the mood for what you offer, and actively searching to buy.
  • They don’t need coupons or discounts to buy. They’re searching for the best option.

Here are the top 3 things Antoinette did, step by step, to show up at the top of Google.

1: Make your NAPW’s Consistent

When Google is deciding which business to rank first, they look for how many websites have mentioned that business. It’s kind of like a popularity contest, where the most mentioned businesses.

Search Volume Ranking
Best Italian in [City]
Italian Delivery
Pizza in [City]
Pasta in [City]

Case Study

How Antoinette Increased Direct Online Sales By $27,000 in 90 Days (without spending money on ads)

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Inside, you’ll learn…

  • The top 3 free things Antoinette did in under 90 minutes to give herself a major direct online sales boost (without needing to know how to code or being a technology wiz)
  • The exact flyers that Antoinette used to convert over 700 customers from UberEats and DoorDash into her direct customers within 90 days, and how much she saved in fees as a result
  • The secret that Antoinette uses to get over 47 customers every single month like clockwork from Google for free (hint: it involves turning her online menu into a magnet for “hidden” keywords that generates a few dozen customers every month, like clockwork)
  • How Antoinette discovered the most powerful SEO technique by studying leading restaurants including Domino’s, SweetGreen, and Chipotle. (hint: it involves NAPWs)
  • How she set up email and text marketing automation to increase customer repeat-order rate by 25%, driving a 20% monthly boost in online ordering sales alone.
  • The simple trick Antoinette uses to measure exactly where her new customers are coming from, and measure exactly how much in sales SEO drives her every month.

And Antoinette isn’t the only one seeing success with these strategies:

I was skeptical at first, but these strategies really work and have driven us over 100 new customers each month like clockwork. We show up first when you search for tacos in Miramar.

Mohammad Farraj
Owner of Talkin' Tacos

Owner’s SEO strategy really works. Now, when you search for pizza in Short Hills, we always come up first and beat our competitors to those 40 extra customers per month

Owner of Brooklyn Pizza

So, what are you waiting for?