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7 secrets to make your restaurant show up at the top of Google, without spending a dollar on ads

The Restaurant SEO Bible

Top 3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Restaurant Show Up First on Google (without spending thousands of dollars or hours every month)

It’s every restaurant owner’s dream:

getting people who are looking for your type of restaurant near you to find YOUR restaurant, rather than your competitor's.

These people are perfect to acquire because:

  • They are not currently loyal to any of your competitors.
  • They are in the mood for pizza, and actively searching to buy one.
  • They don’t need coupons or discounts to buy. They’re searching for the best option.

Here are the top 3 things you can do, step by step, to show up at the top of Google.

1: Make your NAPW’s Consistent

When Google is deciding which business to rank first, they look for how many websites have mentioned that business. It’s kind of like a popularity contest, where the most mentioned businesses.

Search Volume Ranking
Best [Most Popular Dish] in [City]
[Cuisine] Delivery
[Cuisine] Restaurant in [City]
[#2 Dish] in [City]

SEO Secrets

7 secrets to make your pizzeria show up at the top of Google, without spending a dollar on ads

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Inside, you’ll learn…

  • The top 3 free things you can do within 45 minutes to give yourself a major SEO boost (without needing to know how to code or being a technology wiz)
  • The top 7 keywords for restaurants and how you can make sure your shows up when people search for them (including “hidden” keywords that generate a few dozen customers every month, like clockwork)
  • Why John Arena, founding member of the World Pizza Champions, flew me to his 7 location chain in Las Vegas this month, and what we talked about…
  • The most popular and powerful SEO technique used by leading restaurant concepts including Domino’s and Chipotle. Hint: it involves NAPWs.
  • How to get Google to bring you new customers automatically every month, without needing to pay for ads or having to offer discounts.
  • The trick you can use to measure exactly where new customers are coming from, and know exactly how much in sales SEO drives you down to the penny every month.

And learn from some of the pizzeria owners across the United States how they’ve used this strategy to increase sales by $4,377 to $16,540 per month…

I’ve been in this business for 15 years, and optimizing our SEO using Owner’s guidance has been the most effective thing we’ve ever done, by far

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Owner’s SEO really works. Now, when you search for pizza in Short Hills, we always come up first and beat our competitors to those 40 extra customers per month

Owner of Brooklyn Pizza

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