103 Best Taco Captions for Instagram

Use these taco-inspired captions as inspiration for your social media.

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October 18, 2023

Key takeaways

  • Tacos are extremely popular on Instagram, with millions of posts using taco-related hashtags, making them a great subject for social media promotion.
  • The blog provides a diverse list of 103 catchy and creative taco captions for Instagram, suitable for a variety of posts and marketing styles.
  • These captions range from playful and humorous to clever and engaging, offering restaurants numerous options to enhance their social media presence and connect with taco lovers.

It’s almost hard to believe that there was a time when you couldn’t find good tacos in a lot of American towns. But these days, it seems that there’s a taco truck or small taqueria just about everywhere.

And it’s no wonder! Americans ate 4.5 billion tacos last year.

We’re obsessed! Something about the infinite number of combinations that can be put on a tortilla keeps us coming back for more. 

Taco content is popular on Instagram, with hashtags #taco or #tacos used over 10 million times. 

To promote your own taqueria or Mexican restaurant, here is a handy list of taco captions for Instagram! You can also mix these up by focusing on specific ingredients, like guacamole, tortillas, and cheese. 

Taco Captions 1-15

burrito captions
  • forget the flowers, buy her tacos
  • the only bad taco is the one you didn’t eat
  • it’s beginning to look a lot like tacos
  • taco Tuesday
  • i work out so i can eat tacos
  • live every day like taco Tuesday
  • feed me tacos and tell me i’m pretty
  • in a relationship with tacos
  • taco dirty to me
  • a well-balanced diet is a taco in each hand
  • i’d rather eat tacos than be skinny
  • i’m sorry for what i said before i had tacos
  • don’t trust people who don’t like tacos
  • show your love with tacos
  • you had me at tacos


Taco Captions 16-30

ideas for promoting tacos
  • how to turn me on with just one word...tacos
  • i can’t make everyone happy. i’m not a taco
  • stressed, blessed, and taco-obsessed
  • what’s happenin’, hot sauce?
  • party like a guac star
  • tacos, margaritas, siesta, repeat
  • i may look like i’m paying attention, but i’m really just thinking about tacos
  • in case of taco emergency, call 9 Juan Juan
  • taco walk on the wild side
  • will work for tacos
  • swimsuit season is just around the corner, but so is the taco truck
  • taco squad
  • tacos & tequila
  • wanna see a magic trick? i can make these tacos disappear
  • how many tacos is too many? asking for a friend

Taco Captions 31-45

Instagram image of tacos floating on a parachute
  • If you need us, we'll be daydreaming about tacos
  • exhale negativity, inhale tacos
  • my head says gym but my heart says tacos
  • the early bird gets the worm. i’ll sleep in and have tacos
  • you can’t be sad while eating tacos
  • surround yourself with tacos, not negativity
  • tacos are my love language
  • life without tacos is no life at all
  • best Disney princess? taco belle
  • if you don’t like tacos, i’m nacho type
  • yeah i’m into fitness...fitness whole taco in my mouth
  • “i hate tacos” said no Juan ever
  • our tacos are Mexcellent
  • name three better words than “we’re having tacos”
  • as for me and my house, we will serve tacos

Taco Captions 46-60

marketing tacos
  • tacos with a side of tacos please
  • taco chance on us
  • the key to happiness? tacos
  • we’re the taco-f the town
  • work hard, be nice, eat tacos
  • tacos are cheaper than therapy
  • so grateful for tacos
  • tacos are the best idea you’ll have today
  • taco tribe
  • i believe in love at first sight. after all, i’ve seen tacos
  • wake up and smell the tacos
  • let’s taco ‘bout it
  • we only eat tacos on days that end in “y”
  • my favorite animal is a tacosaurus
  • if you love someone, bring them tacos

Taco Captions 61-75

taqueria promotion ideas
  • specTACOlar
  • tgitt — thank god it’s taco Tuesday
  • tacos = happiness
  • tacos are like a hug in a tortilla
  • have your guac and eat it too
  • eat tacos, take naps
  • every day is taco day
  • we have big taco energy
  • tacos are my favorite food group
  • no tickie, no taco
  • ain’t no party like a taco party
  • the mothership is a taco truck
  • say no to drugs, say yes to tacos
  • tacotarian 
  • less hate, more tacos

Taco Captions 76-103

taco captions for instagram
  • peace, love, & tacos
  • tacos understand me
  • we always have time for tacos
  • it’s tac-o’clock
  • tacos — part of a balanced diet
  • tacoholic 
  • 7 days without tacos makes one weak
  • pretty in pastor
  • make salsa, not war
  • craving carnitas
  • pork belly in my belly
  • i wish i was full of tacos instead of emotions
  • why go wine tasting when you can go taco tasting?
  • tacos are the best idea you’ve had all day
  • when the going gets tough, the tough get tacos
  • let’s day drink and eat tacos
  • hot sauce is like ketchup after it’s all grown up
  • its Tuesday i’m in love


Next Step: Grow Your Restaurant

With Mexican the 3rd most popular cuisine in America, you’ll want to put your best foot forward on Instagram to stand out. So use these 97  103 taco captions to spice up your content.

You can type them just as they are, or use them as inspiration for your own witty words. Since tacos are casual, you can have a lot of fun with your captions.

Regardless of which captions you choose, social media is just one part of growing a restaurant. If you want to reach more customers, turn existing customers into regulars, and make more money from your regulars, click here to read our comprehensive guide to restaurant growth.

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