Ottavio's went from $0 Profit on DoorDash to $24,000 per month on






Ottavio's Italian Restaurant

Antoinette Belvedere has been working at Ottavio’s Italian Restaurant in Lakeside, California since she was a child, and she’s been the primary manager for the last decade. She joined after finding that commission-heavy third party apps made delivery orders unprofitable business, no matter how many apps, platforms, and configurations she tried.



The core challenge Ottavio’s faced was that their customers wanted pizza delivery, but third-party fees made delivery unprofitable, and maintaining an in-house delivery team was unrealistic. Antoinette's grandfather founded Ottavio's in 1953, shortly after immigrating to California from Sicily.


Ottavio’s had tried multiple third party apps, and Antoinette decided that enough was enough. She began searching for a solution that got them off the apps.


Ottavio's knew that they needed to keep their website not only user friendly and easy to use for their customers, but to also be a complete overhaul of their old site.



Within two months, Ottavio’s was doing more business through than they’d been doing on DoorDash, and just 9 months later, they doubled their DoorDash average.


Over the last 12 months, they’ve done $250,000 in takeout and delivery orders, and they’ve saved over $65,000 in fees that would have gone to DoorDash on these orders.


Our customers really love it. It's easy to use. Most of our customers are older, so they love ordering at their own convenience on the tablet.


How did they do it?

Using Owner, they created an experience that wins against DoorDash on ease and value.


"It was very easy. It was very quick. And we were up and running in like two days after we signed. I canceled everything else. And I only use Honestly, the platform is very user friendly for us and for the customers. So ordering and the drivers picking up is just so much easier than anything else I've used. And like, literally we've used all of them."


  • It allowed Ottavio’s to deliver to customers commission-free.
  • It provided Ottavio’s with a customer-friendly ordering experience.
  • It allowed Ottavio's to eliminate multiple tools and consolidate to one platform.

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