Mike from Union Pizza saves $4,000 per month on UberEats fees and increases direct sales $16,000 after dumping ChowNow


Mike Khabbaz




Union Pizza

Mike’s takout business grew massively with the pandemic but he was frustrated with paying ridiculous 25% to 35% fees. He had a website through SquareSpace and online ordering through ChowNow, but almost nobody was ordering from his ChowNow link.

Before Owner.com


Union Pizza had a website with ChowNow on it, and yet most people were ordering through them on third party apps like DoorDash and UberEats.


When customers called, he trained his staff to tell them to order from his website. He tried to put flyers in to-go bags with discounts to order through his website, but customers just weren't willing to use ChowNow instead of DoorDash.


After Owner.com


Mike leveled up his online presence with a website and online ordering system that is designed to drive sales and convert customers from third party apps to ordering through his website.


He increased direct online sales by $17,000 in his first 12 months while also saving himself $3,700 per month in fees he would pay third party apps.


Bonus: he now ranks at the top of Google for "pizza in Manhattan Beach"

Building our web presence on Owner has been the best tech decision we've made, and we've tried them all.

Mike Khabbaz

How did he do it?

Using Owner, he created an experience that wins against UberEats on the 3 most important factors: ease, value, and marketing.


  • By allowing customers to save their info without setting a password, he makes ordering from him just as easy as ordering from DoorDash
  • By supporting Apple Pay and Google Pay, he allows customers to check out in just 1 click – without even having to enter a credit card.
  • Using our one-click reorder feature, he is able to automatically send customers a link to order again and show them past orders when they first log in.


  • To promote his amazing new online ordering system, Mike offers his customers 20% off their first order. It’s less than he would pay DoorDash, and once customers save their details with his system and see how easy and valuable it is, they keep ordering from his site in the future.
  • Using our Starbucks inspired loyalty program, Mike rewards his customers for every $100 they spend with free appetizers and desserts (that have a low food cost).
  • According to Forbes, meal delivery service apps like UberEats can be up to 91% more expensive than ordering directly from the restaurant. Using Mike’s owner site, they just pay a 5% fee that nobody notices or cares about, since they’re still saving money versus ordering on third party apps.


  • Mike's new website had every item on the restaurant SEO checklist built-in, making sure he shows up at the top when you search “pizza Manhattan Beach”.
  • It also grabs new customer’s names, emails, and birthdays when they visit, helping Mike market to them after they leave the website.
  • With the customer info Mike’s system collects from website visitors and orders, the system automatically sends out emails and texts to those people every week to ensure that Union Pizza stays top of mind.

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